Consumer Protection

Globalization and the massive spread of new technologies and new sales techniques expose the consumer, nowadays, to increasing risks of: products and services not compliant with what advertised, business practices more and more invasive and pervasive, restrictive clauses.

Therefore, in recent years, consumer protection has been strengthened, evolving into a body of legal regulations to protect the citizen as a consumer of goods and services, all of them merged into the Legislative Decree no. 206 of September 6th 2005 (so-called Consumer Code).

The norm intervenes by giving orderliness to a discipline that was previously managed by the individual sector laws. In this scenario intervenes the reorganization that has been conducted which has as leading thread the various phases of consumption: from advertising to correct information, from the contract to product safety, until access to justice and “class actions”.

ACP & Partners is able to offer consulting services and specific assistance for the consumer protection, bridging the physiological gap – in terms of skills and ” bargaining power “- between those who work within their professional activity and the individual consumer.



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