Criminal Law

In the criminal field, ACP & Partners deals with formulation of opinions and advice, as well as treatment, even under the patronage of the State, in defense of suspects / defendants, as well as the injured party, with the support required for the preparation of complaints and lawsuits, even with possible plaintiffs and possible conduct of investigative activities defensive, in proceedings relating to, in particular:

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  • crimes against the person and crimes of sexual abuse
  • crimes against property
  • crimes against public administration
  • forgery
  • financial crimes
  • urban crimes
  • environmental crimes
  • crimes relating to companies criminal law and bankruptcy
  • crimes relating to criminal labor law
  • crimes relating to road traffic
  • juvenile law



ACP & Partners has extensive experience in the field of defense investigations, which are carried out directly for both suspects and victims of crime.

When necessary, it is possible to rely on proven experts and investigators, acting under close coordination of our professionals.