Online Legal Advice

The study ACP & Partners provides an efficient online legal advice online for opinions drafting, contracts and other types of legal acts. The applicant, once filled out and submitted the form containing personal details and precise indications on the issue to be addressed, will receive, within 48 hours, a free and not binding estimate. The opinion, or service, will be made respecting the law and forensic ethics and has a variable cost depending on the complexity of the issue or request.
Our structure, thanks to the variety of professionals who work within it, provides on-line legal assistance in several areas of the law, ranging from civil law to environmental and energy law, from banking advice to assistance on separation and divorce, including all property issues about ownership and property and actual rights of the spouses. It will also be provided online legal advice on criminal matters, where it will be possibly indicated the ways a complaint can file a lawsuit and every other aspect of criminal law matters.

The client will also be able to contact the firm for assistance and information about the legal consequences of a road accident in which he/she was victim or perpetrator.

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If you have further questions, desire more information or want to speak with one of our advisors, contact us to get an appointment: email address info@studiolegaleacp – telephone number +39 091 7510731
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