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Contattaci per una consulenza +39 091 58 58 64 o per email
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Studio Legale ACP & Partners | Palermo

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ACP Law Firm was born in Palermo from a new concept of Law Firm.

The idea behind the Law Firm was to offer different and highly specialized services, providing its clients with a team of lawyers and legal professionals able to combine their skills with those of experts in other sectors: from the Financial Adviser to the Psychologist, from the Environmental Engineer to the Business Consultant.

In this way we are able to provide comprehensive assistance and meet diverse needs.

ACP & Partners Law Firm operates to high standards of preparation. This is possible thanks to the professional contribution of Law Firms with over thirty years of experience, such as the Chiarello – Morici Law Firm, specialized in Civil and Commercial Law, and the Cardinale Law Firm, specialized in Criminal Law. The expertise of the firm is also constantly enriched by new and additional specializations, in particularly sensitive subjects such as Environment and Energy.

There are three characteristics which best represent our professionals:

Expertise – Experience – Innovation.

These three elements create a structure of excellence where young dynamism and proven experience converge.


The ACP Partners Law Firm, in its headquarters in Palermo and Castelvetrano, provides assistance and legal advice on issues concerning: Environmental and Energy Law, Banking and Financial Intermediaries Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Mining and Natural Resources Law, Professional Responsability, Consumer Protection