ACP & Partners Law Firm of Palermo and Castelvetrano is divided into four areas of expertise:

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  • Environmental Law
  • Civil Law
  • Economic – Financial Law
  • Criminal Law


Each of them is equipped with operational autonomy, but through the latest technologies they  work in close cooperation within each other, thus ensuring perfect coordination and maximum protection to our customers.

The Environmental area has cross skills in various fields, for example, its areas of action range from water conservation to energy issues, from waste disposal to electromagnetic pollution. The mission is to ensure the environment protection, not only as a habitat, but more generally as a “healthy” place where the human being has the right to live.

The Civil area is specifically competent in matters regarding Family Law, Real Estate Law and Consumer Protection. The goal is to protect citizens from all those events that can affect a peaceful and quiet life.

The Economic – Financial area ranges from Banking Law to Credit Recovery, including the peculiar branch of Company Law. The various professionals active in this area cooperate to cure the clients economic interests not only from the legal point of view but also from a financial and fiscal one.

The Criminal area deals with all the dynamics concerning this sensitive field of law. Those in charge of the Criminological area approach each case with speed, quickness and outstanding dynamism, thus ensuring the best possible defense and the most proper proceedings conduct.

All professionals working for ACP & Partners devote particular attention to the study of any dispute, identifying more rapid solutions – including extrajudicial – and satisfying the client’s reasons.

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